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Amy Wagner, NMD

Committed to providing quality care

Dr. Amy Wagner has been practicing naturopathic medicine in Arizona since 2012.  She moved to the verde valley in 2015, but continued to work in Phoenix. Over the past several years, she has noticed that our community needs better access to affordable healthcare.  She opened Apothedoc so she can provide healthcare locally.

For years, Dr. Amy has dreamed of creating a healing space of her own and she finally decided to to make her dreams a reality!

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Dr. Amy holding her chicken, Blanche.

Areas of Expertise

Pharmaceutical-free Chronic Pain Management 

Chronic Illness

Physical Medicine


Herbal Medicine

Custom Herbal Products

Cleansing Programs

Medical Marijuana  

Lab Interpretation

IV Therapy

Diet and Lifestyle Modification

Striving to live in concert with nature.

Dr. Amy moved to Arizona in 2008 to pursue a degree in naturopathic medicine.  Since then she has learned to harness the healing power of nature by focusing on the things we can control.  She uses food, nutrients, herbs and physical movement as medicine.  She aims to avoid using pharmaceutical medications as much as possible and she opts for natural therapies when appropriate.  In most cases, she trusts the healing power of nature more than human-made medicines.  She has been amazed by the progress that can be achieved when people provide their bodies with the environment and ingredients needed to heal.  She loves helping people improve their lives with simple solutions. 



Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Amy studied naturopathic medicine at SCNM (now known as Sonoran University of Health Sciences).  She attended a fully-accredited, full-time, four year doctoral program for naturopathic medicine.  The program included rigorous academic study and extensive supervised clinical rotations.  

Dr. Amy broke her leg in a car accident during her first month of medical school.  She was hospitalized and had several surgeries while attending school.  She persevered and completed the program, without delay, despite her additional challenges.  Her personal experience engrained the need for a synergistic approach to healthcare.  Dr. Amy is a firm believer that healthcare practitioners should work together as a team to best help their patients.  Healthcare should be a partnership, not a competition.  

Dr. Amy passed her NPLEX exam shortly after graduation and has been licensed to practice medicine in Arizona since 2012.


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Kansas State University

Dr. Amy studied Kinesiology at Kansas State University.  Kinesiology is the study of human movement.  She received a sports scholarship for the varsity women's rowing team.  While in college, Dr. Amy worked as a chef at an assisted living center and had a job as a phlebotomist at a plasma donation center.  


Associate of Science
Butler County Community College

Dr. Amy got an Associates of Science at Butler County Community College.  She received a sports scholarship and was a goalie for the women's soccer team.  

Dr. Amy likes doing fun stuff!

Dr. Amy with a basket of peppers harvested from the garden.

In her free time, Dr. Amy enjoys:

  • Kayaking

  • Gardening

  • Raising Chickens

  • Cooking and eating good food

  • Creating herbal potions

  • Adventuring with her husband and pets

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